We provide various alternative natural options to achieve ultimate emotional and physical health!

Our Exclusive Collection

Chlorophaid Juice


Essential Healing Oil


Elite Fit-QUANTUM Jumpsuit


Special Advantage

Farasha Kaa encourage individuals, groups, and communities to preserve our ultimate mother, Earth… We respect the provisions of living in a resourceful, peaceful, clean environment, and we diligently work to produce the best products to our customers.

FARASHA KAA guarantees ALL cooperative clientele 13% off of products only, when we receive no longer used (or empty) FARASHA KAA bottles and jars!

Each client who utilizes our products and sends back the empty jar(s) or bottle(s) to one of our addresses, will receive 13% off future purchased products. All of our clients’ account information is stored in confidential files, and each participant will receive their discount(s) during the check-out process of purchasing new products and/or refills.

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