About Us

FARASHA KAA (faw – rah – shaw – kaw), which literally translates as “Butterfly Spirit,” or “Spirit Butterfly” is an HOLISTIC WAY of LIFE!

Comprised Of A High-Quality Apparel Line, Including An All-Naturale and Organic Series Of Hair/Skin/Scalp DIGESTIBLE OILS, CHLOROPHYLL/Detox Juices, CRYSTALS, Spiritually Rejuvenating BATH SALTS, and Hair Conditioners For Ultimate, Excellent Health!

A notably and remarkable series produced from the positive, healing aspects of nature; FARASHA KAA Organic Series is the ONLY hair/skin product line that is truly digestible, naturally comprised, and surprisingly healthy for the human body as a whole.

We also hand craft and custom make our products to fit our clients’ special needs and lifestyle regimen.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide various alternative natural options to achieve ultimate emotional and physical health!

Farasha Kaa’s holistic awareness is brought forth to each of our clients and customers through a series of products, services, and informative arrangements i.e. classes, seminars, and visual/musical artistry.

We aim to deliver magnificence throughout highly artistic images and visuals that embraces culture, diversity, and ancient ideologies.

Farasha Kaa focuses on the quality of our products, and we pride ourselves with being the only, all-naturale, hair and skin product line that is truly digestible, offering custom-made creations that fits each clients lifestyle regime.

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