Goddesses of Beauty Calendar Collectors



Atlanta Composition 2020 Calendar 

“The GODDESSES of Beauty… Atlanta Composition 2020,” written and created by Spirit Butterfly (The Goddess of Natural Hair), is an authentic and highly artistic EDITORIAL masterpiece comprised of HIGH FASHION, powerful visuals, and informative arrangements in the form of a New-Age calendar!

“The GODDESSES of Beauty… is collection of BEAUTIFUL MASTERPIECES within itself, and our intensions are to deliver a new perspective of “NATURAL BEAUTY” in a creative way that will unfold and spark new realities, opportunities, knowledge, and heightened fulfillments…

The GODDESSES of Beauty is a beauty and marketing campaign that endorses each talent through developments in advertising, including promotions that places each talent on a platform to gain replicable investors, that financially supports through the provisions of products and/or services.

Our mission is to inform and educate our target market of these rising over-achievers! We invest our time, capital, and resources to recognize, promote, and celebrate the diversity, gifts, and/or special skills of what we like to call “GODDESSES”, or rather, “SUPER BEINGS!”


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