Spiritual Rejuvenating Bath Salts


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“I Channel What I Feel Into Manifesting What I Desire…”

FARASHA KAA’s Spiritual Rejuvenation Bath Salts are a combination of potent and powerful, all natural salts, herbs, and powders created specifically to regenerate your mind, body, and cells!

Our bath salts BALANCE, #HEAL, CLEANSES, and #RELAXES your body from the outside in, AND, from the inside out, as each and every ingredient are 100% digestible!

Health Benefits Include:

  • Relaxes Muscles
  • Detoxify Pores
  • Cleanses Stagnation and Neutralize Negative Energy
  • Heal Infections In The Body
  • Eliminate Toxins
  • Strengthen Vaginal Walls/ Tightens Vagina Muscles!
  • Natural Rose Pedals raises your megahertz frequency, and other exotic flowers are added to give you the feeling of ROYALTY!

Important Notes:

  • Shake Well Before Using!
  • Speak Affirmations While Indulging In Your Spiritual Baths!
  • Remember Who You Are!

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